Provides information about the basic settings for all interfaces and integrations used in TRASER DMS 365.

Interfaces and Integrations


The interface and integration chapters below are work in progress. The present documentation does not necessarily describe the most recent functionalities or might be incomplete as the development is not yet completed. For most recent information, please check the Release Notes.

In TRASER DMS 365, the setup of interfaces is mostly automated, i.e., when opening the Interface List page via the search (ALT+Q), the basic interface values like Interface Type, Description, Provider Code, Group Code, and applicable parameters are all automatically initialized including all their dependencies (except for dealer-specific parameters). This is valid for all new companies.

This chapter has the following subsections:

'General' FastTab

The General FastTab holds the basic interface information. The values are set up automatically. The read-only Provider Code and Group Code fields are used to define a specific manufacturer or partner and area (e.g., Trade, Service) to filter the list for a better overview. The values in the Provider Code field are taken from the Interface Providers table which is automatically filled upon interface initialization.

The Interface Log toggle switch can be manually enabled by the dealer to log all interface activities and access further process or import/export file information via the Log button in the menu bar. Corresponding instructions are described in the relevant interface documentation.


It is recommended to use the Delete Log Entries After value as well when enabling the Interface Log toggle switch to regularly clear old interface activities.
Use this option with caution depending on your record preservation obligations!

'Authorization' FastTab

The Authorization FastTab is used to define the authorization options required by the interface or integration to authenticate against the service outside of TRASER DMS 365.

The Authorization FastTab shows fields context-dependent:

  • if Authorization Type = empty, no other fields are displayed
  • if Authorization Type = Basic, only the Authorization Code field is displayed
  • if Authorization Type = OAuth2, the Authorization Code and Scope fields are displayed
    • The Scope field is used to define the interface-specific access parameters. These are automatically set up during initialization.

'Parameter' FastTab

Parameters are used to set up specific options for interface usage. This comprises, for example, specific import or export file definitions, dealer-specific accounts or resources, URLs, currency or language codes, default values, etc. The Instructions field shows corresponding hints for filling the Value field.

Many Value fields in the Parameter FastTab support lookups, so that valid values can be directly selected. Other fields require plain text or numbers which are described in the relevant interface documentation or in the Instructions field.

The color coding in the Parameter FastTab has the following meaning:

  • red font = mandatory dealer-specific parameter has no value yet; interface cannot be fully functional
  • green font = mandatory dealer-specific parameter has a value
  • black font = optional parameter; potentially required for convenience functionalities, i.e., when a value is filled, the feature described in the Instructions field can be used

'Mapping Setup' FastTab

The mapping setup shows different objects which have to be filled with values first, so that the interface can process any data. Usually, this applies only to dealer-specific objects like resources, items, etc. In most cases, values in the Parameter FastTab rely on a complete mapping setup to leverage the lookup feature via the selection field.

To fill an object with the required data, please proceed as follows:

  • Click on the object name in the Name column to open the relevant table.
  • Add new lines for all applicable values and fill them correspondingly.


Depending on the scope of data to be added, this process may take some time!

  • Close the table, and confirm the Do you want to complete the interface setup for [...]? dialog by clicking on Yes.
    • When clicking on Yes, the Completed checkbox is automatically selected, and the Name value turns from red to green font.
    • When clicking on No, the Name value stays in red font, and the Completed checkbox remains cleared. You can restart the setup again later on, but the interface cannot be activated until the mapping and parameter setup is complete.
  • Repeat these steps for all objects which have the Mandatory checkbox selected. Otherwise, the interface or integration cannot be activated! Objects with the Mandatory checkbox cleared are optional.


The Mapping Setup FastTab is only available in interfaces or integrations, if it is needed.

Activate interfaces

When all requirements are met (only green and/or black values in the Parameter FastTab, and/or only green values in the Mapping Setup FastTab), click on the Activate Interface button in the menu bar. The General > Active toggle switch is enabled.


If an interface or integration relies on a job queue, it is automatically added to the Job Queue Entries page and set up as described in the relevant interface documentation upon successful activation. A corresponding smart notification is displayed under the menu bar in that case.

If any requirement is missing, TRASER DMS 365 will show a dialog with a list of all mandatory parameters or mapping setups which do not yet have a value.

When adding the required value(s) and confirming by clicking on the OK button, the interface is enabled and fully functional. When not adding the required value(s) and confirming by clicking on the OK button, the interface cannot be activated.


In case an interface or integration does not work as intended anymore or there is an issue with a certain parameter, users can use the Restore > Restore Authorization / Restore Parameter / Restore Setup button in the corresponding FastTab. This resets all values to the default values entered upon interface initialization.

Below, please find a list of all interfaces and integrations currently supported by TRASER DMS 365:


Currently, no interfaces are in use.