Product Feedback

Welcome to our feedback section.

We have set up a section for you where you can tell us your ideas, comments or suggestions about existing or new functions. In addition, the feedback section allows you to view the ideas of other users and vote on whether they are relevant to you.

In order to be able to respond to your idea and to be able to ask possible questions, you must register with your e-mail address.


Please note that the name given at registration is publicly visible. Other users can see your name and your ideas. Your e-mail address or other data is not visible.

This section explains how to submit and publish an idea in our feedback forum.

  1. To post an idea, right-click on the following link to the feedback forum.

  2. From the menu that is displayed, select Open in New Tab

A new tab will open in your browser.

  1. Enter a title for your idea in the field Enter Idea Here.


Existing ideas provided by other users are displayed as search results at the bottom of the page. If your idea has already been suggested, you can vote for it.

  1. Click Tell Us Your Idea...

  2. Describe your idea.

  3. Enter your e-mail address in the field Your E-mail Address so that we can contact you in case of any queries.

  4. Click Publish Idea.

Thank you very much, you have shared your idea with us.
Other users can now vote for your idea.
If other users agree that your idea should be implemented and get many votes, we will take this feedback and make sure that your idea is implemented.