Service Quotes

In TRASER DMS 365, you can create service quotes, which function as an initial step before creating service orders.
In service quotes, as in service orders, you can provide all information regarding the service (repair and maintenance) of a service item and plan the expected working hours. This allows you to send a quote to the customer before the actual order is placed.

Creating Service Quotes

To create a service quote, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Service Items.
  • The page Service Items is displayed.
  • Select the service item for which you want to create a service quote.
  • Click on Actions > Other > New Service Quote in the menu bar.


If the Actions options is not displayed, initially click on More Options in the menu bar.

  • The Service Wizard is displayed.
  • Select the desired order type in the Order Type field.
  • The fields Customer No., Customer Name, Bill-to Customer No. and Bill-to Customer Name are automatically filled by the system according to the data stored in the service item.
  • Click OK to confirm the details.
  • A dialog window is displayed asking whether you want to open the created quote.
  • To confirm, please click on Yes.
  • The newly created service quote is displayed.
  • Information as for example the Customer No., the Contact No., as well as the Service Item No. has already been transferred into the respective fields from the service item.
  • Click on the register Fault Comments > Edit.
  • The page Edit - Notepad is displayed.
  • Enter the problem of the service item to be fixed here.
  • Click Close to confirm the details.
  • Complete the remaining fields on the registers as desired.
  • Navigate to the Lines register.
  • Select Line > Worksheet from the menu bar of the Lines register.
  • The Edit - Worksheet page is displayed.
  • The fields of the General register have automatically been filled with the information of the service item by the system.
  • Complete the remaining fields of the General register as desired.
  • Navigate to the Lines register.
  • Enter here the required items, resources, costs and/or G/L accounts for the service.
  • Your changes will be saved automatically.

You have successfully created a service quote.

Printing Service Quotes

Once you have created a service quote, you can print it and send it to a customer.
Please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Service Quotes.
  • The page Service Quotes is displayed.
  • Select the Service Quote that you would like to print.
  • The page Service Quote is displayed.
  • Select Print/Send > Print... From the menu bar.
  • The Print Wizard is displayed.
  • Customize the settings in the Options FastTab as required.
  • Click Print to print the service quote.
  • Now make further printer settings as usual.

You have successfully printed a service quote.