June 2022


Table of contents

Table of contents

Version Date Author Comment
1.0 30.06.2022 Linus Kriwat First version

TRASER Sales 365 Basic


  • Default validity of quotes: The default validity of quotes can be set up via the configuration
    page of TRASER Sales Basic. When creating a quote, this default validity is set and can be edited
    if necessary

TRASER Sales 365 Profiling


  • Task when creating a new customer: Via the configuration page of TRASER Sales 365 Profiling,
    it can be activated that a task called "Execute Profiling" is created when a new customer is
    added to the system. The customer's consultant will be assigned to this task. This improves a
    high response rate to the profiling questionnaires.

System optimizations

  • Character limitations of questions and answers: To guarantee the correct display of questions
    and answers in the profiling app, the characters for these fields have been limited.

TRASER Sales 365 Machine Dealer


  • Quick creation of an offer in the Mobile Light App: In the mobile version of TRASER Sales 365,
    the name of the offer is set automatically when the first two products are selected. The
    quantity of offer lines is set to "1" and can be adjusted as needed. This speeds up the creation
    of an offer on the go.

UI changes

  • Leads hidden in the mobile app: By default, the lead table is hidden in the Mobile Light App
    to make the app even clearer for the daily work of salespeople.