Teams integration


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Enable Teams integration

Open the Sales Hub App (1), Navigate to the App Settings section (2), and Chat and collaborate (3) on the sitemap. Turn on the linking of Dynamics 365 records with Microsoft Teams channels and the Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 login, if necessary.

Activate Teams

Sales 365 Account Collaborate

You open the company form of a customer and select Collaborate (1) via the three dots in the command bar.

Sales 365 Account Collaborate

Then select the team in which the channel should be created (2). Decide whether you want to link the company to an existing channel (3) or create a new channel (4) and then click Next. Then select the members of the team with whom you want to collaborate regarding the customer (5).

Link Sales 365 with Team in Teams

Link Sales 365 with Team in Teams

Add Team Members

Access SharePoint files with Teams

In the background, another SharePoint site has been created for storing documents. Now you may need to move existing documents from the old SharePoint to the new one. To do this, navigate to the old SharePoint site for the respective company (account), select all files (1), click Move to (2), and select the team and company channel (3).

Move Sharepoint files to Teams channel

Now you can access each customer's files through both TRASER Sales 365, SharePoint, and Teams.