TRASER Sales 365 Profiling

TRASER Sales 365 supports salespersons in the sales process. TRASER Sales 365 is divided into the different product modules Basic, Activities, Profiling, and Machine Dealer. In the following, you will learn how to set up TRASER Sales 365 Profiling.

TRASER Sales 365 Profiling is designed to allow you to easily categorize customers based on profile questions. This promotes knowledge transfer between your colleagues and makes it possible to group customers with specific characteristics via marketing lists. Afterward, they can be targeted by marketing campaigns. When setting up the profiling app, questionnaires should be created that match your industry. These questionnaires are displayed to your sales team in the profiling app inside the customer. At this place, the questions can be answered. The most important answers ("Profiling Highlights") are displayed in the header of the account form so that everyone in the sales team can get an impression of the customer immediately.