Product posting groups


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Setup Product posting groups

In addition to business posting groups, which classify countries and companies for tax purposes, product posting groups must also be defined. Product posting groups specify the fiscal characteristics of products.

As in the previous setup tables, the setup can be done either by synchronization with a connected ERP system, by import (e.g. from an ERP system), or manually.

To set up product booking groups manually, in the Sales Hub app (1), navigate to the App Settings section (2) and in the sitemap, navigate to VAT Product Posting Groups (3). Click the New button (4) to create a new product booking group.

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Fill in the following two fields to create a product posting group.

Column / Field Description
Name In this column, specify the name of the product booking group.
Description Enter a description of this product booking group in this column.

Assign product posting groups to products

After the product booking groups have been set up, they must be assigned to the individual products. This can be done by synchronization with an ERP system, by import, or manually.

To add a product booking group to an existing product, navigate to Families and Products (2) in the App Settings section (1). Open an existing product. Now select in the search field VAT. Product posting group (3) and click Save & close (4).

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