SharePoint setup


SharePoint as a document storage location

First, if you have not already done so, you need to create a new SharePoint site.
To do this, in the SharePoint client, click Create Website and then select Team Website.

SharePoint Website erstellen

For example, name the SharePoint site "Dynamics 365" or "TRASER Sales 365" and set the site to Public.

Now navigate in TRASER Sales 365 via Advanced Settings in the navigation bar to Document Management (1). There, select Activate server-based SharePoint integration (2) and Next.

SharePoint Website erstellen

Now enter the SharePoint URL in the dialog window. The URL is [tenant name][sharepoint site name].

SharePoint Website erstellen

To complete the setup, open the document management settings. Select the entities for which you want to enable saving documents to SharePoint. By default, these are Quotes, Articles, Companies, Categories, Contacts, Leads, Playbook Activities, Products, Opportunities, Sales Documentation, Knowledge Articles and Knowledge Article Templates. Last, select the entity that represents the top level in the folder structure. This is usually Account.

You have successfully configured the new SharePoint as a document storage location. The SharePoint logo now appears in the company form under Files in the subgrid.