Setting up profiling highlights


The header of the company form contains the Profiling Highlights field. The two most important answers of the profiling app are displayed here to give colleagues who have had nothing to do with the customer a quick impression.

Profiling highlights in the company form

As an administrator, you can determine those questions that are displayed in this field. To do this, switch to the Setup area (1) and select Profiling Setup (2). Click on the existing setup (here "Setup") (3). If no setup has been made yet, click New (4).

Creating profiling highlights

In the form of the profiling setup, you can choose two questions whose chosen answers should be displayed in the headers of the companies (1). If you cannot find the questions immediately, use the operator * in front of your expression as a placeholder. When you are done, click Save & close (2).

Setting up profiling highlights

With this, you have successfully customized the profiling highlights.