Rental 2403 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[19377] Rent Break Comment in Rental Invoice

The Copy Comment To Invoice checkbox was added to the Rent Break Request page. If it is activated, comments are inserted as a comment lines in rental invoices.

[19403] Activating item with item tracking set to serial no. after selling

Items can be activated or deactivated for rent with a set up tracking for the sales area.

[19728] Images can be added to rent class

It is now possible to add images to a rent class. For this, the Pictures factbox was added to the Rent Class list and card and the Rent Class Package list and card.

[18346] Advance Payment functionality

The Advance Payment functionality was implemented. This contains several new fields on different pages.

The following fields or booleans were added to the Contract Invoice Frequencies page:

  • The Invoice in Advance boolean activates the Advance Payment functionality.
  • The In Advance Date Formula Default field specifies the time period that needs to be invoiced immediately when signing the rental contract.
  • The Invoice Date Adjustment Default field Specifies the default amount of time that invoices need to be paid in advance before each rental period starts or continues.

When creating a rental contract with an advanced payment invoice frequency, the Invoice Date Adjustment field is displayed. This specifies the amount of time that invoices need to be paid in advance before each rental period starts or continues.

The following new options were added to the First Invoice Period option:

  • In Advance: The specified first invoice period duration will need to be paid as soon as the rental contract is signed.
  • First Invoice Period (Days): Specifies the first invoice period duration of the rental contract.

[19915] Customer Block functionality

It is now possible to block a customer in the rental area. This means that it is no longer possible to create or post rental documents for this customer.


[19670] All-In Improvement: Select both day and month price lines for including

It is now possible to select a combination of lines with different price bases (e.g. month and day prices) when creating an all-in price.