Rental 2309 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[1700] Mapping machine groups to rent classes

Machine groups can now be mapped to rent classes so that these machines can be added to a rental contract. For this, the Rent Class field has been added to the service item (sub)pages.

[3855] 'Rental Contract No.' field added to 'Customer Ledger Entries' and 'Find Entries' page

The Rental Contract No. field has been added to the Customer Ledger Entries page. Entering a partial rental contract number on the Find Entries page will show the rental contract entries in the result list.

[12113] Physical inventory extended to rental locations

The physical inventory function was extended to work with rental locations.

[13221] Exclusion of payment discount in all contract lines

Contract lines can now be excluded from a payment discount by activating the No Payment Discount boolean in contract lines or additional contract lines.

[16285] Editable 'Object No.' field in object line and protocol line

The Object No. field is now editable if the line has not been delivered yet.

[16390] Create transport order from rent protocol

Transport orders can now be created directly from the protocol card by using the Create Transport Order action.

[16412] Skip holidays in contract line

A boolean was added to rental contract lines. Activating this boolean will lead to customized calendar entries being deleted.

[16801] 'Add Rent Objects' functionality implemented in sales quotes

Rent objects can now be added to lines in sales quotes by using the Add Rent Object action.

[17427] Change dimensions in posted rental documents

Dimensions can now be changed in posted rental documents.


[17467] Full calendar synch

In a contract with a customized header calendar, the removed holidays have not been synched with the lines calendar. The Full Synchronize Holidays action in the contract header now synchronizes the removed holidays to the line calendar.