Rental 2311 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[15522] Remaining quantity overview

The action Remaining Quantity Overview was added to the rental contract. It opens a page which shows how many quantities are still available at the customer location. This overview can also be printed.

[16250] Alternative positions in rental quotes

Alternative positions can now also be defined in rental quotes.

[17503] Protocol comment lines included in protocol report

Protocol comment lines are now included in the protocol report.

[17631] New delivery functionality in protocol

  • The existing Create Delivery Protocol action has been renamed to Create First Delivery.
  • The new Create New Delivery action was added to the rental contract card. It is shown once the rental contract is signed.
  • The Fast-Track Assistant page was added.

[17633] Return items with multiple contract lines

Return lines are now getting combined to one line in the return protocol in case of multiple object lines per contract line exist. The return protocol then only contains one line with the sum of the quantities from the delivered object lines.

[17634] Fast track item delivery

The action Item Fast-Track Assistant has been added to rental quotes and contracts. This assistant allows the quick entry of multiple item objects into the lines at once.

[17637] Split invoice plan lines for rent objects on deliveries and returns (invoice plan V3)

Invoice plan lines can be split for rent objects on deliveries and returns using the V3 logic for the invoice plan.

[17733] Automatic owner location transfer

The Automatic Owner Location Transfer boolean was added to the TRASER Rental Setup page. When it is activated, the owner location is automatically transferred if an object is received on a location that differs from the owner location.

[17956] 'Find Entries' action added to rental contracts

The Find Entries action was added to rental contracts.

[18036] 'On Delivery' and 'On Return' in rental quote

  • The Transport Specification Mandatory boolean was added to the TRASER Rental Setup page under the Contract Settings register. If this is activated, a rental quote or contract cannot be released if there is at least one missing transport specification.
  • The Transport Invoice Check field was added to the TRASER Rental Setup page under the Invoice Settings register. It specifies whether the transport revenues should be checked and approved before releasing a protocol for further processing.
  • The More than Once in Contract allowed checkbox was added to the Contract Additional Revenue Setup page. Revenues which have this checkbox activated can be inserted multiple times in the contract lines.
  • The Set Transport Specification action was added to contract lines.

[18038] Set transport price in protocol

By using the Select Contract Lines for Invoicing action, all chargeable revenues of the Transport type are shown for the objects contained in the protocol.

[18039] Invoice approval for posted delivery/return

It can now be set whether the invoice information in the protocol needs to be checked and set before releasing the protocol, or whether the posted documents need to be approved before invoicing or whether no checks are needed and the posted document is directly released for invoicing.

[18040] Selecting of contract lines available for invoicing in protocol

Based on the linked rent classes to transport, the booleans in the invoicing information of the protocol card are set automatically.

[18165] Filter selection for Rental Locations/Owner Locations on Request Page

A filter for Rental Locations and/or Owner Locations can now be selected on the Make Physical Invtentory Recording page.

[18320] 'Days' field added to reservation entries

The Days field was added to the Rental Reservation Entries page.

[18546] 'Object No.' added to contract line

The Object No. is now added to the rental contract line when a new object is added using the Create New Delivery action.


[15008] Protocol Reports: 'Rental Contract No.' printed at page numbers

The Rental Contract No. is now printed at the page numbers of several protocol reports. This makes it clearer which page belongs to which rental contract.

[17628] Improvement for filters on 'Find Entries' page

The drill-down for results on the Find Entries page did not work as expected and was improved.