Rental 2402 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[17920] Rental filters in service item and item list without rental license

Users can now filter by rental fields in item and service item lists without needing to obtain a Rental license.

[18690] Implementation of translation logic for rental entities

The translation logic was implemented so that users can store different translations for rental entities.

[18925] New toggle switch 'Marked as unselectable' on price code card

The toggle switch Marked as unselectable was added to the price code card.

[19059] New actions 'Transport Orders' and 'Transport Invoices' in rental contracts

The actions Transport Orders and Transport Invoices were added to the menu bar of rental contracts, allowing users to navigate to the transport orders and transport invoices from the contract card.

[19098] 'Shipment only against cash payment' in Rental

Users can now select the option Ship only against cash payment in the Blocked field on the customer card to block customers. This ensures that rental contracts can only be processed when the selected payment method is marked as a cash payment.

[19375] Registered and posted rent end date in contract object line

Users can now view the registered and posted rent end date in the contract object lines.

[19387] Creation of expected lines before finishing inventory order

Users can now use the Calculate Lines action to create expected lines before finishing an inventory order.

[19801] Implementation of extra check regarding the use of service item in recording

An extra check was implemented to verify if a service item has already been included in a recording.


[18903] Improvement regarding reservation logic and first commission date

The reservation logic was improved to enable the commissioning of service items on the precise date they must be shipped to the customer.