Rental 2401 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[17014] Document texts are printed on rent end date reports

Document texts are now printed on rent end date reports. For this, new booleans were added on the Document Text Template page. Only document texts which have the boolean Insert Automatically activated are printed in the rent end date reports.

[17740] Prices incl. VAT are shown in rental quote and rental contract reports

The new option Show VAT on the Report Request pages allows to show prices including VAT on rental quotes and contracts reports.

[17640] Separate Report Layout for Item Rent (Split Invoice)

The calculation type V3 received a separate report layout.


[18342] Improvement on minimum rental periods

The minimum rental period functionality was improved. When the contract line is fully returned or the rent end date is registered, it is checked whether the minimum rent is realised or not and invoiced accordingly.

[19182] Rental Physical Inventory recalculates expected quantity

Rental Physical Inventory recording lines are recalculated after delivery, return, commissioning and decommissioning.

[19273] Improvements to Rental Physical Inventory

The following improvements were made to the Rental Physical Inventory function:

  • The expected quantity in recordings gets calculated correctly in several scenarios.
  • When adding a line for a bin in a recording and no content is found, then the expected quantity is 0,00 and non-editable.
  • It is not possible to finish a recording when a required bin was not filled.
  • The quantities in unfinished recordings get updated correctly when the returned and delivered statuses are reset.