Rental 2310 Release Note


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Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as well as the following new functions and improvements.

New Functions

[16413] Default Skip Holidays

You can now set in the contract header whether the holidays are to be skipped for the contract lines. For this, the Default Skip Holidays for Month Price boolean has been added to the pages TRASER Rental Setup and Service Order Types as well as the customer card and the rental contract header.

[17436] Long-term Rental Purchase Contracts

The Rented Long-Term boolean has been added to the service item card to specify whether a service item has been rented long-term from the vendor.

[17493] Select Service Item from other Rent Class for reservation

It is now possible to select a service item from another rent class for reservation when creating a manual reservation for a contract line.

[17495] Protocol Line extended by Text Lines

It is now possible to add text lines to protocols. For this, the Comment Lines In Protocol Active boolean has been added to the TRASER Rental Setup page. Once activated, the field Protocol Line Type is shown in the protocol lines.

[17682] Setup if message is shown when deleting rental quote with linked purchase document

When a rental quote with a linked purchase document is deleted, the user is asked whether the included objects should be deleted as well. It can now be defined in the user setup whether a user is shown this message or if the objects is automatically deleted.

[17709] Additional fields on deposit pages

The following fields have been added to the pages Deposit Invoice, Deposit Credit Memo, Posted Deposit Invoice and Posted Deposit Credit Memo:

  • Contract No.
  • Ship-to Name
  • Ship-to Address
  • Ship-to City
  • Ship-to Post Code

[17711] 'Comment' column added to Rent Break Request page

The Comment column has been added to the Contract Rent Break Requests page to be able to to add a comment to the line when requesting the rent break.

[17731] New pages 'Rent Object Availability' and 'Location Availability'

The pages Object Availability - Item and Location Availability have been added.

[17869] Changing 'Transfer Text Line to Order' boolean once rental contract has been activated

Once a rental contract has been released, it was not possible to change the Transfer Text Line to Order boolean. It can now be changed via the respective contract line action once the signed contract has been reopened.


[17980] Additional Contract Price Update Improvement

In case the contract lines were recreated in an additional contract, the prices were updated according to the new header information. This has been improved. The user is now asked if he wants to recreate the lines and if so, whether to keep the prices (default) or update the prices.