Damage Documentation

You can note, edit and add pictures to damages that occured to (service) items during the rental period in a damage report in TRASER DMS 365.
For more information on how to record damages directly in service items, click here.

Create Damage Reports in Return and Delivery Plans

You can also create damage reports for (service) items in return and delivery plans.
To do so, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) to find the page Return Plan or Delivery Plan in TRASER DMS 365.
  • The Return Plan or the Delivery Plan page is displayed.
  • Select the desired return or delivery plan.
  • Select Service > Damage Report from the menu bar.
  • The Damage Reports page is displayed.
  • Click New in the menu bar.
  • The Damage Report Card is displayed.

You can choose between the following options:

Tab Field Description
Report Date Enter the date on which the damage was reported here.
Status Specifies the status of the damage report.
Service Doc. Posted Specifies if the service document linked to the damage report has been posted.
Description Enter a description for the damage report here.
Contract and Object
Rental Contract No. Specifies the rental contract number of the affected rental contract.
Object No. Enter the object number of the affected object here.
Object Type Enter the object type of the affected object here.
Cost Estimate
Service Doc. Type Specifies the type of service document linked to the damage report.
Prices Incl. VAT Choose here if the cost estimate includes the VAT.
Service Doc. No. Enter the service document number of the linked service document here.
Cost Estimate Incl./Excl. VAT Shows the cost estimate.
Reported Damages
Damage Description Enter a description for the damages.
No. of Pictures Shows how many pictures have been uploaded for this damage.
Damage Pictures Upload pictures of the damages here if needed.
  • Fill in the fields with the desired information.
  • Click on Status > Release in the menu bar.
  • Your changes will be saved automatically.

You have successfully created a damage report for an return or delivery plan.

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