TRASER DMS 365 2207 Release Note

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[9895] Wrong caption in posted service invoice list

The page Posted Service Invoices had an incorrect caption for the Invoice field. This error has been fixed.

[10819] Error when accessing sales orders via role center

When accessing the page Sales Orders via the role center, the system kept opening the sales lines list instead of the sales orders list. This error has been fixed.

New Functions

[9534] New dimension management for item charges

When it comes to item charges, dimensions will now be automatically transferred from the item lines to the item charge lines. You can choose between the following options:

  • Item Charge Dimension: If you choose this option, the new function won't be activated and the dimensions will be taken from the default dimension set up for item charges.

  • Highest Amount: If you choose this option, the dimensions with the highest amount will be transferred from the item lines to the item charge lines

  • Dimension Set ID: If you choose this option, a new line will be created per dimension set ID, depending on the amount of respective item lines.

[9544] Automatic allocation of item charges

This functionality allows the automatic allocation of item charges when posting a document. You can choose between different allocation types on the Item Charges page.





[9941] Wrong filtering when accessing item ledger entries via service item card

When opening the extended information regarding the serial number via the service item card, the item ledger entries were incorrectly filtered. The filtering has been updated so that the list now shows all item ledger entries of the service item.

[10777] Error regarding bin code when assigning/removing equipment

When assigning/removing equipment, the bin code value was incorrectly transferred. This error has been fixed.

New functions






[10516] Error when accessing 'Service Item Worksheet'

When trying to access the page Service Item Worksheet via the search function, the system showed two different pages. This error has been fixes.

[10646] Service order can’t be created from service quote

It was temporarily not possible to create a service order from a service quote using the Create Order function. This bug was fixed.

[10771] Error when assigning attributes on service item card

When trying to assign attributes to a service item, the system produced an error message, if you selected an attribute value that was not yet translated. This error has been fixed.

[10820] Comments are not transferred during copying of service order

If you wanted to copy a service order using the Copy Document… function and had selected Archive Order as the document type, comments were not transferred into the new document even if the option Include Comments was activated. This bug was fixed. Comments are now transferred into the new document.

New functions

[420] Correct or cancel posted service invoices

By using this new function it is possible to correct or cancel posted service invoices. Analogous to the sales area, these two options can be used to either create an unposted correcting credit memo or to directly post the respective cancellation document for the selected invoice.

[8607] Fix prices in service reports

All printouts in the service area can now show calculated fix prices in a more optimized way, which means that the following forms of presentation now apply to the different options of a fix price:

• Fix Price Labour: The detailed item lines of the labour are no longer printed. Instead they are displayed as a fix price before the subtotal according to fix price.

• Fix Price Parts: No., Description and Amount of the items of the fix price are shown in the lines. To avoid retroactive calculations, no individual or total prices for the line are displayed. The fixed price is only displayed in the subtotal area.

• Fix Price Resources: This form of presentation is analog to the parts presentation.
With a total fix price, the individual line types behave according to the above description. A combination of different variants is also possible.

[10828] New option for automatic creation of checklists on 'TRASER Checklists Setup' page

The option Autom. Checklist for Service was added to the TRASER Checklists Setup page. When this option is activated, a new checklist will be created automatically once the related standard service code is selected in a document.

[10830] Open and allocate checklists from service item worksheet

You now can open linked checklists from the page Worksheet. Furthermore you can link a checklist manually to a service document.


[10937] Improvments regarding fix prices in service

If the boolean Fix Price allowed on the resource card was deactivated, the checkbox in the column of the resource line in the service document is also deactivated when adding a resource.

The repair status code is no longer relevant for the calculation of fix prices in service quotes.



[10827] Error when creating a record from equipment selection page

An error message appeared when trying to create a record from the equipment selection page. This problem has been fixed so that you will also be able to add general equipment attributes.

[10921] Issue regarding 'Order Type' when creating a new trade-in

When creating a new trade-in, an error message appeared, saying that the field Order Type contained a wrong value that couldn't be found in the related table (Service Order Type). This issue has been fixed.

New Functions

[5823] Creating and maintaining 'Calc. Interest Ledger Entries'

From now on, you can create calculatory interest entries via the Fixed Asset page. You can also maintain and view calculatory interest entries via the new page Calc. Interest Ledger Entries..

[9489] New boolean 'Fix Price allowed' in sales lines

The boolean Fix Price allowed has been added to the sales lines. If you set this boolean, the line will be considered for the fixed price calculation. If you don't set this boolean, the line is excluded from the fixed price calculation.

[9490] New register for fixed price in sales documents

A new register has been added to sales quotes, sales orders, sales credit memos and sales invoices concerning fixed price. In this register, you can view details on the set fixed price.

[9491] Transfer of information regarding fixed price to posted documents

If you enter a fixed price in a sales document, the relevant information will now be automatically transferred to all posted documents (invoices/credit memos).

[9492] Functionality for 'Fix Price' in sales documents

Using the new function Fix Price, you can now enter a fixed price for several lines or a total fixed price for sales documents.

[9504] FA wizard now includes calculatory assets

The FA wizard has been extended. From now on, you will also be able to create calculatory assets via the FA wizard.

[9506] Integration of calculatory interest into calculation review

The calculation review will now also show all relevant information regarding calculatory interest.

[10410] Fixed Prices in sales reports

From now on, sales reports will show all relevant information concerning fixed prices.

[10412] New boolean 'Labor' in sales lines

A new boolean for Labor has been added to the sales lines, which specifies if the resource in the selected line is a labor resource.


[10917] Improvements regarding fixed price calculation in sales documents

The fixed price functionality in sales documents has been updated so that the fixed price calculation works even better now..

[11043] Deactivation of fixed price function for trade-in documents

The fixed price function has been disabled for trade-in documents, as there is no need to calculate fixed prices for trade-ins.



[10769] Error when creating an item from a catalog item

When creating an item from a catalog item, some items were wrongfully deleted. This error has been fixed.

[10987] Issue with releasing sales orders

When trying to release a sales order, an error message regarding warehouse shipment appeared. This issue has been fixed.

New functions

[9135] Template for Surcharges in Catalogs

This new functions allows you to assign templates for surcharges to catalogs. You can set up the templates via the page Item Surcharge Templates and then assign them to the relevant catalogs.

[9984] Validity check when defining new catalogs

A new validity check has been set up so that from now on, when you define new catalogs, only one catalog per manufacturer code can be marked as Manufacturer Catalog.

[10420] New tables for linking of discount groups

Using the new tables Purchase Item Discount Groups and Discount Group Mapping, you can now map purchase item discount groups. The Purchase Item Discount Groups page can be used to set up discount groups which you can then map with manufacturers, vendors, purchase item discount groups or item discount groups via the page Discount Group Mapping.

[10421] Change of catalog import routine

The catalog import routine has been changed so that you can now import the newly set up Purchase Item Discount Groups instead of the old Item Disc. Groups.

[10422] New field 'Purchase Item Discount Groups' on item card and catalog item card

The new field Purchase Item Discount Group has been added to the item card and the catalog item card.

[10423] Using 'Purchase Item Discount Groups' in price lists

The change to the catalog import routine now makes it possible to use purchase item discount groups in price list lines. Thus, prices can be calculated in relation the the purchase item discount group.

[10444] Extension of discount group mapping

The field Discount Group Mapping has been added to the catalog card so that you can now map imported discount groups to purchase item discount groups.

[10457] Change of discount group logic

The old discount group logic was removed and has been replaced by the new purchase item discount groups logic.

[10569] New register 'Automations' on location card

The register Automations has been added to the location card. You can use this register to select whether warehouse documents should be created automatically when a source document is released.

[10571] Automatic creation of warehouse documents for sales orders

The field Warehouse Automation has been added to the location card. Via this field you can select whether warehouse documents should be created automatically when a sales order is released.

[10572] Automatic creation of warehouse documents for service orders

The field Warehouse Automation has been added to the location card. Via this field you can select whether warehouse documents should be created automatically when a service order is released.

[10573] Automatic creation of warehouse documents for transfer orders

The field Warehouse Automation has been added to the location card. Via this field you can select whether warehouse documents should be created automatically when a transfer order is released.

[10617] More options in service and sales orders

If you create a new sales or service order, you now have more display options. The fields Discription 2, Vendor Item No., Unit of Measure Code have been added to the sales/service lines.


[7526] Changes to 'Vendor No.' and 'Vendor Item No.' are prevented if item is linked to catalog item

You will no longer be able to edit the fields Vendor No. or Vendor Item No. of an item that is linked to a catalog item. This change was necessary as it prevents that the linked item loses the connection to the catalog item.

[7801] Automatic deletion of posted and partly posted warehouse receipts

From now on, posted or partly posted warehouse receipts will be deleted automatically. This ensures that the list of receipts is kept up-to-date.

[7803] Automatic calculation of cross-docking quantities in warehouse receipts

From now on, cross-docking quantities will be calculated automatically before you post a warehouse receipt.

[10658] Extended column nape on order tracking entry pages

From now on, all pages with order tracking entries have a more detailled column name. The column name now either contains the information from the Sell-To Customer Name field (in sales documents) or the Name field (in service documents).