Link Vendor to a Manufacturer

If a brand or manufacturer has different production sites that specialize in certain machines/vehicles,
you can register this in the system. It is required that every location (or every machine factory) is registered as a separate vendor.
The vendor locations can then be linked to a manufacturer. You will benefit from this because you will be able to select the corresponding vendor when choosing a manufacturer. Where required, the appropriate vendor information will be filled in automatically in the document (e.g. When carrying out a forecast).

To link one or multiple vendors to a manufacturer, proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search in TRASER DMS 365 (Alt+Q) to find the page Manufacturer.
  • The page Manufacturer is displayed.
  • Click New in the menu bar to set up a new manufacturer.


If you would like to edit an existing manufacturer, click Edit List in the menu bar.

  • Use the Code column to enter a code that will be used for the manufacturer.
  • Use the Name column to enter the name of the manufacturer.
  • Click on the stored value in the Vendors column.



If the Vendors column displays the value More, at least two vendors are linked to this manufacturer. For more information regarding the vendors, please open the factbox pane (Alt+F2).

  • The window Edit – Manufacturer Vendors is displayed.
  • Use the Vendor No. column to enter the number of the vendor that you would like to link to the selected manufacturer code. Please use a new line for every vendor you would like to link to a manufacturer.


It is not possible to link a vendor to multiple manufacturers. Every vendor can only be linked to a single manufacturer.

  • To exit the link vendors functionality and to save your changes, please click on Close.

All vendors that have been entered will be linked to the manufacturer. When carrying out a forecast calculation, instead of using the vendor number to enter the vendor you can also enter the vendor via the manufacturer.