Add Machine Numbers

You can add a customer-specific label/number to a service item.
This can be useful when you have more than one machine/vehicle with the same/similar configuration and your customer uses their own labels/numbers for their vehicles. To add these numbers/labels to your system, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Service Items.
  • The page Service Items is displayed.
  • Open the service item card of the service item.
  • Scroll down to the Customer tab.
  • In the Customer Machine No. field, enter the machine label/number used by the customer.

Customer-specific Machine No.

The label/number used by your customer will be saved automatically. You can also use this customer-specific number to search for a specific service item in the service item list. To do this, select Customer Machine No. as the filter option.