Creating assets

This chapter describes how to create assets. The contents of this chapter are divided into the following sections:

Creating Assets via the Service Item Card


Before you can use this function, you have to fill in the following fields in the General Ledger Setup: FA No. Wizard Source, No. Series FA from Wizard as well as No. Series FA from Wizard. You can find more information on this here. In addition, this function is only available if the field In Stock As on the service item card shows the value Fixed Asset and the service item hasn't been linked to an existing fixed asset yet.

To create a fixed asset via a service item please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search in TRASER DMS 365 (Alt+Q) to find the page Service Items.
  • The Service Items page is displayed.
  • Open the service item you would like to create a fixed asset for.
  • In the menu bar, click Actions > New > New Fixed Asset.
  • The system will create a new fixed asset that will be linked to the service item. The Fixed Asset No. as well as the Fixed Asset Description field on the service item card will be filled in by the system.
  • To open the fixed asset, click on the Fixed Asset Description (highlighted in blue) and then on the line for the asset you have created.
  • On the fixed asset card, you can see that the Description and the Serial No. field have been filled with the information from the service item card.
  • You can now add more information to the fixed asset card. Your changes will be saved automatically.

You have successfully created a new fixed asset that is linked to a service item.