Setting up Payment Methods

Payment methods define the way you would like your customers to pay you and how you would like to pay your vendors. The payment method can vary for each customer or vendor. You can assign a payment method to a customer or vendor so that the method you have chosen will be automatically assigned to sales and purchase documents you create for said vendor or customer.

To set up payment methods, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Payment Methods.
  • The page Payment Methods is displayed.
  • To set up a new payment method, click on New in the menu bar. A blank line is added to the table.
  • Fill in the following fields:
Field Description
Code Specify a code for the payment method, e. g. CASH.
Description Enter a description for the payment method.
Payment Limit Incl. VAT Enter a value for the payment limit incl. VAT for the payment method. When posting a sales or service document, the value will be compared to the Total Amount Incl. VAT. If the total amount is greater than the payment limit stated in the payment method, you won't be able to post the document.
Cash Payment Activate this checkbox if the payment method is cash. If the option Ship only against cash payment is blocked for a customer, a payment method must be selected in sales and service documents in which this check box is activated in order for the document to be processed.
Bal. Account Type Enter the type of account that the balancing entry is posted to, such as BANK for a cash payment.
Bal. Account No. Enter the number for the balancing account.
Direct Debit* Activate this field to activate the direct debit functionality for the payment method.
Direct Debit Pmt. Terms Code Enter the payment terms code for direct debit payments.
Pmt. Export Line Definition Specify how the export of payments should be processed for this payment method.
Bank Pmt. Type Enter the payment type for the export of payments with this payment method.
  • You have successfully set up a new payment method.