Setting Up Payment Conditions For Customers

This chapter describes how to set up payment conditions for a customer for a certain area (Rent, Sales or Service). This function allows you to use different payment conditions for the same customer depending on the area. If you now create a document for this customer and area, the payment condition will be inserted automatically.
To set up a payment condition for a customer for a certain area, proceed as follows:


The payment conditions will only be applied to newly created documents. Old documents will not be updated automatically.


You can only set one payment condition and one payment term per area and customer. However, you can set another payment condition for a different area.

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the Payment Conditions page.
  • The page Payment Conditions is displayed.
  • To set up a new payment condition, click New in the menu bar. A blank line is added to the table.
  • Complete the following information:
Field Description
Area In this column, enter the area that you would like to set up a payment condition for. You can choose between the following areas:
● Rent
● Sale
● Service
Customer No. In this column, enter the number of the customer that you would like to set up a payment condition for.
Service Order Type Enter the service order type for the payment condition. You have to activate the usage of service order types for documents belonging to the selected area. By entering the service order type, you can set up a default payment condition and default payment method for an order type belonging to a specific area.
Payment Terms Code Here, enter the code for the payment condition (e. g. 0 day and 2% discount if paid by cash).
Payment Method Code Here, enter the payment method (e.g. by cash).
  • To save the changes, confirm this message.


If you change the bill recipient in a document (Bill-to Customer No. field) to a customer that is linked to a payment condition, the payment terms (Payment Terms Code field) found under Invoicing will be changed to the payment conditions of the bill recipient.

You have successfully created a payment condition for a customer. The changes are applied as soon as you close the Payment Conditions page.