In TRASER DMS 365, you have the possibility to summarize line amounts in terms of value to create subtotals. The subtotals will later be shown on the printed reports. At the moment, you can use the subtotals functionality in the following documents:

Area Document Type
Sales Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Return Order, Sales Credit Memo, Sales Invoice
Service Service Quote, Service Item Worksheet, Service Invoice, Service Credit Memo

Retrieving Subtotals

This section describes how to calculate subtotals in documents. The following example uses a sales order to describe the process. You can apply these steps to the other documents that are mentioned above. The functionality is the same for all documents. To retrieve subtotals, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Sales Orders.
  • The page Sales Orders is displayed.
  • Open a sales order.
  • Navigate to the Lines tab.
  • Select the lines that you would like to calculate the subtotal amount for. To select lines, click on the button with the three dots in one of the lines and choose Select More.


The system always calculates the subtotal amount for the lines that are above the last line you selected. For example, if you would like to calculate the subtotal amount for the first two lines in the tab, you have to select the first three lines.

  • After selecting the lines, click on Line > Get Subtotal in the Lines tab.
  • The system adds a new Comment line above the last selected line. The line shows the Subtotal Amount amount for the lines above.

You have successfully calculated a subtotal amount. You can now calculate more subtotal amounts for other lines or add new lines to the Lines tab; the existing subtotal amounts will be updated automatically. The subtotal amount(s) will later be shown on printed reports.