Printing Amounts in Client Currency

TRASER DMS 365 allows you to print amounts in client currencies directly on your documents. The function is currently available in the following documents:

Area Document Types
Sales Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Return Order, Sales Credit Memo, Sales Invoice
Service Service Quote, Service Order, Service Credit Memo
Rental Rental Quote, Rental Contract, Rental Invoice, Rental Credit Memo, Rental Purchase Contract, Rental Purchase Invoice, Rental Purchase Credit Memo

To activate the function, please proceed as follows:


The procedure is described below using the example of a sales order. You can apply these steps to the other documents that are mentioned above. The functionality is the same for all documents.

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Sales Orders.
  • The page Sales Orders is displayed.
  • Open an existing sales order.
  • Scroll to the Invoice Details tab.
  • Activate the Print Values in Customer Currency toggle switch.

The report of the corresponding document will show the customer currency amounts, which are calculated using the current exchange rate and displayed next to the document currency amounts.