PDF Preview of Documents

This chapter describes how to preview documents in PDF format.
This feature might be helpful if you have to check several of the following entries or documents:

  • Posted Sales Shipments,
  • Posted Sales Invoices,
  • Posted Service Shipments,
  • Posted Service Invoices,
  • Posted Service Cr. Memos,
  • Posted Purchase Deliveries,
  • Posted Purchase Invoices,
  • Posted Transfer Shipments,
  • Posted Transfer Receipts,
  • G/L Entries,
  • VAT Entries,
  • Cust. Ledger Entries,
  • Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entries,
  • Vendor Ledger Entries,
  • Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entries,
  • Item Ledger Entries,
  • Value Entries,
  • Res. Ledger Entries,
  • Service Ledger Entries.

By selecting different categories such as document numbers, document dates, contact cards (customer, vendor or bank account), contact numbers, external document numbers, serial numbers as well as lot numbers you can limit your search.
To open a preview of a pdf document, please proceed as described below:

  • In the role center, scroll down to the Advanced Search area.
  • Click on Document Search....

Advanced Search

  • Press the ENTER key.
  • The window Edit โ€“ Navigate is displayed.
  • Click Actions in the menu bar.
  • Click Find by.
  • Define how you want to find documents:
Search Option Description
Find by Document Select this option if you want to find a document by its document number or document date.
Find by Business Contact Select this option if you want to find a document via a contact card (customer, vendor or bank account), an external document number or a contact number.
Find by Item Reference Select this option if you want to find a document by a certain serial or lot number:
  • Enter something into the search bar.
  • Click Search in the menu.
  • The search results will be displayed.
  • Press ALT+F2 to open the pdf preview on the right-hand side of the window.

PDF Preview

The relevant documents will be shown on the pdf preview. You will also be able to save, look through or zoom in and out of the shown pdf document. You will find the buttons for these actions on the right-hand side of the pdf preview.