Delete Posted Documents

You can delete posted documents once you have set up the function in the General Ledger Setup menu. This function allows you to remove wrongly posted documents from the posted documents overview.


Posted documents have to be printed at least once before you can delete them. This way, deleted documents won’t show up in the posted documents list even though they have been posted.

Once the function is activated, the following posted documents can be deleted:

Sales Purchasing Service
Posted Return Receipts Posted Purchase Shipments Posted Service Invoices
Posted Sales Invoices Posted Purch Invoices Posted Service Credit Memos
Posted Sales Credit Memos Posted Purch Credit Memos Posted Service Shipments
Posted Sales Shipments Posted Purchase Shipments  

The contents of this chapter are divided into the following sections:

Setting up function for deleting posted documents

This section describes how to set up the functionality for deleting posted documents.
Please proceed as follows:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page General Ledger Setup.
  • The page General Ledger Setup is displayed.
  • Activate the option Delete Posted Documents in the General tab to allow deleting posted documents.

General Ledger Setup


Please make sure to open the page in edit mode.

To edit the page, tap the pencil icon in the menu bar.

  • The toggle switch will be highlighted if this function is activated.


You have successfully activated the Delete Posted Documents option. You will now be able to delete posted documents.

Deleting posted documents

This section describes how to delete posted documents,
In the following, the process of deleting a posted document is described using a posted purchase credit memo as an example. In Delete Posted Documents, you will find an overview of documents where the process of deleting documents is similar to the one explained here.
Proceed as follows to delete a posted document:

  • Use the quick search (ALT+Q) in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Posted Sales Credit Memos.
  • The page Posted Purchase Credit Memos is displayed.
  • Choose the document you want to delete so that it is highlighted.
  • Choose Manage > Delete from the menu bar.

Delete posted sales credit memo.

  • The document opens.
  • A dialog window is displayed asking whether you would like to delete the document.

Dialog Window

  • To delete the document, click Yes
  • The document is deleted.

The document has been deleted.

Error message in posted documents

If the function Delete Posted Documents has not been activated and you try to delete a posted document, the following error message appears:

Error message when deleting a posted purchase credit memo

The error message Deleting of posted documents is not allowed indicates that you haven’t activated the delete posted documents function. To activate this function, proceed as described in Setting up function for deleting posted documents.