Add Texts to Documents

This chapter describes how to add texts to documents. You can copy a text from a word document and add it to the document or enter the text manually using the add texts functionality. The text will be printed on the document.

You can add texts to the following document types:

Sales Purchasing Service
Sales Credit Memos Purch Credit Memos Service Credit Memos
Sales Invoices Purch Invoices Service Invoices
Sales Quotes Purchase Quotes Service Quotes
Sales Orders Purchase Orders Service Orders
Forecasts Purchase Return Orders Service Worksheets
Trade-Ins - -

The following section describes how to add texts to a service quote.
Before you can add texts to a service quote, you have to open a service quote and add at least one line to the Lines tab.

Proceed as follows to add a text to a service quote:

  • Navigate to the Lines tab.
  • Click Functions > Add Text Lines in the menu bar.


If the menu item is not displayed, click on More Options on the menu bar.

Add text lines

  • The text editor will appear.
  • Copy the text from a word file and paste it into the box. Alternatively, you can add texts manually. For example, press ALT+0149 on the numeric keypad to enter a new sentence.
  • After entering the text, click the Add Lines button.
  • The text is added to the Lines tab and will be printed when you create the document. Every text line you have added via the text editor will be printed as a new line on the document.