Update Analysis Views

If you want to change dimensions in posted documents, you have to update the analysis views. You can update the analysis views manually or automatically via the Analysis Views page.

Creating and Defining Analysis View Card

  • Use the quick search in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Analysis Views.
  • Create a new analysis card. You can fill in the following areas:

Analysis View Card

Pos. Description
1 For example, in the Menu Bar you can set whether or not the analysis view should be updated automatically when you carry out postings.
2 In the section General, you can define the exact parameters for the analysis view. For example, you can set the account filter as well as the starting date. Here you can specify what G/L accounts should be updated for certain booking periods.
3 Via the Dimensions area, you can add four dimensions to an analysis view. If one of the dimensions that is linked to an analysis view is changed in a document, the analysis view will be updated.
  • As soon as you have filled in the required fields, the analysis view is complete and displayed in the summary table.

Updating Analysis View

To update an analysis view, you have the option of either allowing this to be carried out automatically for each posting or starting the process only once if it is done manually.

Always update the analysis view automatically on posting

  • Open an analysis view card.
  • Select the option Enable Update on Posting from the menu bar.
  • In the section Generall the field Update on Posting is activated.
  • From now on, the analysis view will be updated whenever a dimension of a posted document has been changed that fits one or more of the criteria in the analysis view card. The option will be active until you select Disable Update on Posting.

Update analysis view only once if done manually

  • Open an analysis view card.
  • Select the option Update from the menu bar.
  • The analysis view is updated.
  • You might also select an analysis view from the page Analysis Views and choose Update from the menu bar.

Displaying Analysis View Entries

The page Analysis View Entries shows you the individual entries in the analysis view that have been updated.

Analysis View Entries