Autofill Bill-to Customer No. From Service Order Types

On the page Service Order Types you will be able to set that the Bill-to Customer No. is always filled out automatically in service and sales documents. This is to ensure that invoices will always be sent to the same customer when selecting a certain order type.

  • Use the quick search in TRASER DMS 365 to find the page Service Order Types.
  • The table with the defined service order types is displayed.
  • Use the Bill-to Customer No. to enter a customer that the invoice will be sent to when this service order type is entered in a service or sales document.

Bill-To Customer No. in Service Order Types

  • For example, if you now enter a service order type in a Service Order, the field Bill-to Customer No. under Invoicing will be filled automatically with the value that you stored in the service order types.
  • You will get an error message if you try to manually change the value in the field Bill-to Customer No.

Bill-to Customer No. cannot be changed manually.